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Your septic systemFS-1_Your_Septic_System.pdf
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What to do if your septic system fails?SS-1_What_to_do_if_Your_Septic_System_Fails.pdf
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Maintaining your septic system: special considerations for shoreline propertySS-2_Mainting_your_septic_system_special_considerations_for_shoreline_property_owners.pdf
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How to conserve water in your home and yardSS-3_How_to_Conserve_Water_in_Your_Home_and_Yard__1_.pdf
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Your septic system: what you need to know when buying or selling a houseSS-4_Your_Septic_System_-_What_you_need_to_know_when_buying_or_selling_a_house.pdf
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Your septic system: what you need to know when building or remodeling a homeSS-5_Your_Septic_System_-_Considerations_when_building_or_remodeling_a_home__1_.pdf
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SLPOA Septic Program  Incentive

Click on this link to download the application click here 

  • This offer is good for current  paid members ONLY
  • Coupon entitles current SLPOA member $25.00 toward the maintenance, inspection and pumping of their septic tank/system
  • Work needs to be performed by a licensed septic service contractor
  • Contractor fee is as agreed with the property owner based on property circumstances and work performed

What to do (instructions are printed on the coupon):

  1. Download a Membership Coupon using the link above.
  2. Fill in the coupon and when the work is finished send the completed coupon as well as a copy of the receipt for the work performed to SLPOA, PO Box 489, Tully NY 13159
  3. You will receive a check from our treasurer for $25.00 once the coupon is processed.
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