The Song Lake Property Owners Association
was incorporated July 13th, 1956. It consists of approximately 90 homeowners around the lake. The objectives of the association are to safeguard the the quality of the lake and watershed area, to enhance the recreational use of the lake for activities such as swimming, fishing and boating and to promote a sense of community and common responsibility among the residents. The association is also a member of the Cortland-Onondaga Federation of Kettle Lake Associations, Inc.

Song Lake
is a small lake situated on the western edge of the Finger Lakes Region. Song Lake is one of a number of kettle lakes that were formed at the same time as the finger lakes. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the area was formed by the advancing and retreating of glacial ice during the last glacial period in North America. Kettle lakes are smaller holes that formed when huge chunks of ice broke off the glacier. When these ice chunks melted, the depressions remained.

Song Lake has no outlet or inlet, but is fed by precipitation, surface water runoff and groundwater. This small lake is an oval of approximately 110 acres. Most of the lake is fairly shallow, with depths from five to thirty feet. There are wetlands to the northeast, but the lake is densely populated along the west and north shores, Camp Hoover (The Girl Scouts of America) resides on the east and the smaller south shore is lined by agricultural land.

Our Song Lake

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