Information on the ESF Water Studies on Song Lake
For the past five years, Dr. Kimberly Schulz has brought her Limnology Practicum Students to Song Lake to develop independent projects. The links below will bring you to the Abstract Book, containing a summary of each of the projects.  Below that, each project poster can be viewed. Our thanks to all these students' wonderful work
. Fish Assemblages of Song and Onondaga Lakes, Vasiloff and DavisA Comparison of Cyanobacterial Blooms on Song and Tully Lakes, Silvia and HermansonMacrophyte Habitat and Zebra Mussels on Song Lake, Munoz, Duby, and CiardulliNutrients and HABs on Song and Tully Lake, McElvaine and Wrenge2017 LIMNOLOGY PRACTICUM POSTER SESSION 2017.ABSTRACT BOOKMicroplastics on Song and Onondaga Lakes, Fenn
Groundwater Tracking on Song Lake, Zemba

Limnolology Practicum Poster Session for 2015
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Limnology Practicum Poster Session for 2014
limnology abstract 20140001.pdf
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,Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Implications for a Watercraft Steward Program in New York's Kettle Lakes
Atruc, E.and Deats, A..
indications of Anthropogenic-Derived Nutrient Loading: localized concentrations of 15N isotopes in Song Lake
Hidle, S. and Palumbo, J,
Strait, C. and Kulakowski, A.

Limnology Practicum Poster Session 2013
Abstract of all 2013 Projects PDF
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A Mussel by any other name…

Implications of a potential zebra mussel invasion in Song Lake

Avriel Diaz and Emily Landers Landers_Diaz_Mussels.pdf
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What’s in the muck? A benthic analysis of Song Lake 
Anastassia Zabirova, Katherine McManus and Jesse OlsenZabirova_McManus_Olsen_SongBenthicAnalysis.pdf
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Heavy Fish, Light Fish, Yellow Perch, White Fish
 Ian Kenney, Harold Nugen

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Limnology Practicum Poster Session 2012
Abstract of all 2012 Projects PDF

Which Chubsucker is Which? 
Using Meristic Characteristics to Identify Possible Morphological Differences Between Erimyzon sucetta and Erimyzon oblongus by 
Justin Zimmerman, Caitlyn Saraceno and Mike Guinan
Which Chubsucker is Which PDF

Hey Carp Get Off My Lawn: 
The Age Determination Of Grass Carp To Verify the Presence of Reproduction 

Eric R. Johns, Robert E. Alexander and Derek A. Gerber
Hey Carp Get Off My Lawn PD

Student Independent Project
Abstract Book for 2011

Incomplete Picture? Investigating Physical Limnological Characteristics for Sampling Site Selection in Song Lake

Analysis of Lake Monitoring Sites based on Phosphorus

Chlorophyll a Level in Song Lake

Zooplankton of Song Lake

The Effects of Future Shoreline Develpment on P Levels in Song Lake

The Effect of Turbidity on the Natural Ability of Fecal Coliform Disinfection othe Surface Waters of Song Lake

Age and Growth Analysis of Yellow Perch - Comparison of Onondaga Lake, Song Lake and Deer Pond

Zooplank-tivity - The Effectof Zooplankton on 5 Tully Kettle Lakes' Productivity

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For ESF Lab Projects PowerPoint for ESF 9-18-2010
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